If anyone has tried to take a Squarespace site and import it into WordPress then you have come across the issue where the images are still linked externally to Squarespace. No problem, there are plugins like Import External Images that will load those all up for you, right? Well it wasn’t so easy for me and after scouring the internet for a fix I ended up modifying the Import External Images plugin so that it uses curl to download the images instead of WordPress’ download_url function which was giving me a forbidden error. After a little tinkering and tweaking of the headers sent with the curl request I finally came up with a solution that should work for anyone having the same issue. You can download it here: http://www.moeloubani.com/downloads/import-external-images-sqspc.zip

Let me know if it works (or doesn’t)!

Edit: updated to work with image urls ending in ?format=original (or any query string after the image name for that matter).

  • Janelle Desrosiers

    Hi Moe, thanks so much for sharing. I found your plugin adaption on the WordPress.org site, and it worked beautifully for some of my posts and images, but not others.

    It seems like SquareSpace changes the way they format and rename their images over the years and so there’s always another format to consider? Not sure what’s blocking it.

    Some posts imported automatically, some posts imported some images automatically and then I had to alter the names of the images files for other and then they could be imported automatically and then others still aren’t recognized and able to import even after I change the file name and remove the extra garbage SquareSpace puts in.

    I feel like I probably will not be the only one to have this issue, and would be grateful if you could take a look!


    • moe Post author

      Hello Janelle, can you give me more info on the images that aren’t working? Are they any different than the other ones? I noticed there were a couple that ended in ?format= and I was wondering if that was specific to the site I was working on but maybe it wasn’t. Could you let me know what different edge cases are giving you problems and I can try to build a fix into the plugin.


  • Christian Peterson

    Oh man testing this out now. We have many clients making this move.


  • John D

    Currently struggling with a large volume of images still being hosted on squarespace after a migration. Issue mainly being the mixed content message which I get when loading my old posts…
    So this plug-in seemed ideal!

    However, when I uploaded these files and attempted to activate the plug-in I got a fatal error on line 65 of the PHP file…has there been any update since? Also, can it be published on WordPress so it’s easier to find/install?

    FYI, I had the original import external images installed if this makes any difference.



  • Kristen

    Unfortunately it just keeps uploading the same image over and over for me. So now I have 250 posts with the same image over and over. Any fix?


    • moe Post author

      Hello Kristen, not sure what could be causing that but I’d say a good first step is to check the export file. Does it have the images repeated in there?


  • Kate

    Hi Moe, THANK YOU! This worked like a dream for me.


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