I just released a new version of my TREB RETS plugin – this one uses a new and better version of PHRets the underlying software as well as some updates to the way properties are stored. I’m also using Composer to load dependencies (if you come from a coding background – which you really should, at least a little bit, to use this plugin in the state it’s in – you’ll know what I mean, otherwise skip this part) and using it to load PHRets and the dependencies it uses. This also means that the minimum version for PHP for this plugin is now 5.4 – even though WordPress has a 5.2 minimum. 5.2 and 5.3 are way outdated now but my apologies in advance for anyone who wants to use this plugin that has to update their server.

If you’re coming from Github and want to download the plugin just click here

If you want to visit the Github repo for the plugin click here

If you want to be updated when new versions are released and when the plugin is finally going to have a full open release where everything works flawlessly, please add your email below. I’ll never contact you for anything outside of this plugin and never EVER give your emails to someone else.

Right now I’m looking for one or two people who have already signed their TREB agreements and are ready to use this plugin – if you can let me use your credentials to TREB to further develop the plugin I can install and configure it for you free of charge. More details in this post -> For Those Looking to do TREB Integrations

Any questions? I’m always happy to provide custom integration and support for those having trouble with RETS (or any web development project). You can reach me by email at moe@loubani.com.

  • John

    Hi Moe,

    Thanks for sharing your plugin. Just wondering, does it work with other MLS boards or only with TREB?

    I know that there are quite a number of paid plugins available for CREA DDF but wondering if your plugin was open source or just another paid WP plugin?

    I really think either CREA or the Web Design and Development community need to consider starting an open-source project for building a 100% Free WordPress DDF Plugin so that talented and creative individuals could work together to add to it and create a better and more feature-rich plugin that is easily downloadable and integrated with WordPress.

    It will make the whole MLS data feed showing on 3rd party websites a lot more ‘standard’ and the unified feel and look of the feed could help with the whole end-user experience when they move from site to site.


    • Nate

      Hey Moe,

      Great plugin! I was wondering if there was a newer version of the plugin maybe? I am getting the following error when I activate the plugin:

      “Fatal error: Cannot declare class cmb_Meta_Box, because the name is already in use in /home/johnardi/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wptrebrets/library/CMB/init.php on line 51”

      Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance 🙂


      • moe Post author

        Hello Nate, there isn’t a new one yet but that error is resolved easily if you can get a developer to look at it – you just have to check if that class exists and if it does you can skip loading it.


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