Today I ran into a little issue with a Woocommerce extension called Customer/Order CSV Export. Whenever a custom field name ended with a question mark, the export wouldn’t return the results for that field/column. I looked into it and the problem was with some extra spaces that were for some ┬áreason (anyone know why?) added to the beginning of the value in the array.

Here is what I did to fix it from line 295 in the main plugin file:

foreach ($extra_data_fields as $key => $value) {
	$fixed_value = $woo_order->order_custom_fields[$value]['0'];
	if (strpos($value, '?') !== false) { 
		$fixed_value = substr($fixed_value, 2);
	$order_extra[ $key ] = isset($woo_order->order_custom_fields[$value]) ? $fixed_value : '';

One thing I couldn’t figure out was the cause of the extra spaces from the question mark. Anyone know what could be causing that?

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